End to End Solution to,

Manage Any Repetitive Process's flow
& Documentation

Automeson can be used both as project management & business process management solution. You can standardize your work, have complete insight about how the work is being done, who is accountable for what & the volume of work of everyone.

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Go Green

Save trees by reducing paper use.

Discover Efficiency

Automate and manage work to bring productivity & efficiency.


Define SOP into templates. This helps to comply process against legal and quality standards like ISO,

3 C’s

Automeson promises collaboration communication and connection for project success.

Work How Does It

Design your own workflow

Visually design your process and go paperless.

Assign users to steps and apply conditions

Specify which user does what and define the next steps to be done based on conditions

Track what's happening

Find an overview of what is happening with easy status boards and logs.

Create Your Own Reports, Visualize & Analyze

Create your own reports as per your requirements, find out main KPIS, ageing process and Bottlenecks in the tasks.

Easily Communicate

Send and receive messages easily while you are completing workflows.

Manage Projects with Task Board

We have a simple task board that will let manage any projects easily.

Schedule your Workflows to Run Automatically

You can set your workflow schedules to run in interval, or certain times.

Leverage Machine Learning.

Our workspace can help you find unused resources, recommend people to do the tasks & also find out how likely the task is supposed to finish.

"Yes, you have process & projects, but they can be configured and managed"

Our platform helps you with improved efficiency, increased productivity, standardization, and compliance while realizing effective cost savings.

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