Use our rich and easy features for Business process management (BPM). Processes are complex, use our simple tools to automate them.

Design your process workflow

Zero complexity, Just drag and drop.
  • Create tasks to define a standard operating procedure.
  • Drag and Drop builder to create forms
  • Rich controls to capture data.

One software, any process

Design and implement any process with same software
  • No code, you can do it yourself.
  • No complex BPMN diagrams
  • Supports simple workflows e.g. vacation requests
  • Supports complex workflows e.g. budget &loan approval.
  • Supports any workflows e.g. daily cleaning checklist.

Task Assignment

Accountability & Clarity about who does what.
  • Assign tasks to a user.
  • Assign tasks to a team e.g. finance team.
  • Assign tasks to a role e.g. branch manager.
  • Once defined in template, enjoy automated assignments

Task Approval

Add authorization for approval
  • Add approval authority by user, role, or team.
  • Add compulsive and optional approval flows.
  • Add minimum no of approvals.

Monitor process & projects

Make sure you get things done within time cost and quality constraints.
  • View your tasks with deadlines and priorities.
  • See status of tasks that you are involved in.
  • See status of tasks that you have started.
  • See estimated time for completion.

Continuous improvement

Make incremental and breakthrough improvements by analysing important process data.
  • Find past due processes.
  • Information about avg time of process completion.
  • Find free resources
  • Scrutinize started and completed process in a time series.
  • Find cycle time of tasks completion.
  • Information about if the cycle time is improving or not.
  • Identify problematic tasks in a process.

Dynamic Report Builder

Build your own reports to visualize and analyze the data you care for.
  • No coding skills required to create charts.
  • Create 20 different charts.
  • Present data in tabular forms.
  • Share reports to people/teams you want.

Communicate, Collaborate and Connect

Available, responsive, and open communication between stakeholders.
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Receive meaningful notifications.
  • Assign tasks and communicate to work in a team.
  • Instant feedback and connection.

Task Boards

Task boards are universally applied technique to manage the projects.
  • Assign tasks and due dates.
  • Attach files
  • Set priorities and labels.
  • Collaborate and communicate in the tasks itself.

Leverage machine learning and automation

Intelligent software solution that automates your business process.
  • Schedule Workflows to Run Automatically.
  • Find unused resources.
  • Recommend free and right person to do a task.
  • Predict how likely the task will be completed.

"Yes, you have process & projects, but they can be configured and managed"

Our platform helps you with improved efficiency, increased productivity, standardization, and compliance while realizing effective cost savings.

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